Harness AI-Guided
Claims Insights

See claims from a new perspective. Gain insights into claimant activities and behaviors surfaced & prioritized by Owl's powerful AI so your team can make faster decisions with confidence.

Owl Nest
The Fastest Growing
Claims Network

Step into the future of insurance with Owl Nest, and join an exclusive league of top insurers across North America.
Leverage AI-guidance on claims, harness industry best practices at your fingertips, and benchmark key metrics in real-time - all powered by AI that is constantly learning from every claim decision across the entire network.


Signals Processed


Sources Monitored

Experience a
New Perspective
on your Claimants

Uncover external information regarding claimants' activities and behaviors, and get insightful information previously unavailable to your team. This ensures your team's focus on at-risk claims is always timely and accurate.

Get More
Out of Your
Claims Team

World-leading insurers are turning to Owl for the competitive advantage they need; its sophisticated workflows and dashboards offer actionable insights to help teams become more effective and give claims leaders a strong edge when it comes to making data-driven decisions.

Eliminate Biases by
Focusing on Facts

Aspire to eliminate biases in your claims decisioning by using Owl's ethical AI to guide your team with actionable evidences. Our explainable AI identifies and prioritizes at-risk claims with actionable evidences, empowering human decision-makers with the confidence to make swift, informed decisions.

Save Millions
in Avoidable Costs

Our insurance partners depend on Owl.co to save millions of dollars every year by making faster and more informed decisions. These decisions result in increased RTW, reserves released, impact rates, reduced litigation and attorney involvements, and much more. Read more about them: