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Unbiased claimant information that insurers do not have today, for faster and better claims decisions.

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We are the fourth lens

Insurers typically review a claim using three "lenses" - claimant information, employer data, and medical provider details. Additional external evidence is available but can be time-consuming and inefficient to gather given resource and budget constraints.

Owl provides a "fourth lens" view - access to external evidence from thousands of publicly available data sources - in a compliant and consistent manner. Using our intelligent technology allows for faster and more efficient claim decisions.

Intuitive platform

Owl prioritizes the right claim at the right time, to the right team and for the right reason.

Claims management requires significant diligence and consistency. It can be time-consuming and challenging to remain efficient. Our Al-powered platform learns from your team's feedback over time, enhancing the prioritization and quality of results.

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Key benefits

Higher efficiency

With continuous machine learning and access to a powerful data network, our system automatically escalates high-priority claims to improve your team's efficiency.

Reduced costs

Close the gap between what you should pay vs. what you currently pay by reducing claim losses and minimizing unnecessary claims management expenses.

Lower bias

Reduce potential bias in your claims review and handling process, and improve decision quality, by using an intelligent, evidence-based claim monitoring technology.

Better claim experience

Transform your claims management process by enriching claimant files, lowering claim durations, increasing Return To Work, and finding more fraud and malingering.

If you asked me to choose between Owl findings, our own internal modeling or building an even better, more sophisticated internal model, I choose Owl all day.”
Claims Leader
Top 3 US Carrier
Owl is a smart technology that solves a major scale problem for insurance carriers. They are solving a real pain point.”
Claims Leader
Top 5 US Carrier