AI-Guided Claim Insights Enriched by External Data
Unlock insights, prioritize claims and explore best practices with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.
Lines of Business
Enhance claims teams’ efficiency and decision quality with prioritized claims and automated insights, to shorten claim durations and intercept ineligible claims.
Workers Comp
Stay on top of the dynamic nature of each worker compensation case - through the entire process of recovery and across states/provinces.
Bodily Injury
Guide adjusters with informed compensability decisions and actionable insights to ensure happy claimants and team-wide efficiency.
With its holistic claimant view and actionable insights, the platform is poised to significantly improve claim decision accuracy and reduce loss ratios. Another benefit is that methodical data collection considerably diminishes team fatigue and exhaustion.
Paul Stachura
Paul Stachura
Chief Claims Officer
State Auto
I see Owl as a transformational force that fundamentally improves not just claims operations but overall business profitability. Its precision and efficiency in managing complex claims scenarios are exactly what the industry needs to elevate performance and drive sustainable growth.
Dennis Langwell
Dennis Langwell
Chief Financial Officer
Liberty Mutual
Owl's solutions transcend mere tools - they're strategic assets that enhance the financial and operational rigor of any insurance business. They achieve what many in the industry have sought: scalable, efficient solutions for claims processes that directly impact the bottom line.
Richard Mucci
Richard Mucci
Lincoln Financial
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