Group & Individual Disability
Streamline claim reviews by extracting, prioritizing and summarizing key insights for unmatched accuracy and efficiency.
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Highlight Business Values
Boost Return to Work Success
Our system enhances Return to Work (RTW) rates by detecting subtle changes in claimants' conditions, using advanced technology for timely interventions, leading to improved outcomes and higher success in RTW initiatives for both claimants and examiners.
Accelerate Claim Resolution
Our system quickly identifies and presents key details for faster, informed decision-making, leading to more efficient, effective claim resolutions, benefiting both insurers and claimants with expedited claim closure.
Intercept Ineligible Claims
Our system proactively targets critical transition periods, like STD to LTD, using intelligent reviews to lower incidence rates and focus resources on legitimate claims, maintaining the integrity of the claim management system.
Enhance Decision Consistency
Through its data gathering and in-depth analysis, can provide insights into the decisions adjusters are making on individual claims, and identify patterns that may require additional coaching or support from management teams.
Speed up Claim Reviews
Our advanced technology significantly reduces time spent on reviewing and summarizing claim documents, offering fast, precise analysis and organization for unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in every document review process.
Enhance Examiner Capacity
Our solution increases examiner capacity through smart prioritization of claims based on detailed insights, ensuring each claim receives focused attention, leading to more efficient and effective claim management
Highlight Features
360 Claimant View
Holistic claimant view across all relevant documents (medical, policy, etc.) augmented with Owl 3rd party data.
Actionable Insights
AI-generated insights around internal or external findings across the claimant file
Interactive Search
LLM-powered claim question & answer and dynamic search through claim source documents
Claim Prioritization
Prioritization derived from insights by executing rules and severity of findings