Owl.co Featured on Benzinga
2024-02-12NewsSteve Mahind
This recognition highlights our exceptional success in transforming the insurance landscape and driving increased net profits and promoter scores for our clients.
The article on Benzinga highlights Owl.co's innovative approach to insurance technology and claims management, spearheaded by our visionary CTO and technical spokesperson, Sam Merat. Our unwavering focus on customers and their claims has allowed us to engineer a compliant solution that not only saves insurers millions of dollars annually but also significantly enhances the overall claims experience for policyholders. Owl.co's rapid growth and prominence in the industry are reflected in several notable achievements. We proudly serve most of the top twenty insurers in the US and Canada, and our client base continues to expand. Additionally, we have garnered support from leading venture capitalists and formed a strategic partnership with Munich Re, the largest re-insurer globally, to revolutionize claims management through a groundbreaking approach to missing context.
Owl.co stands out as one of the fastest-growing claims intelligence platforms by leveraging advanced proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence models. Our technology meticulously analyzes both internal claims documents and proprietary external data, allowing claims teams to prioritize high-impact claims and reduce costs and durations. This streamlined claims process enables insurers to allocate more time to serve their customers during critical moments.
Furthermore, we are committed to eliminating biases within the insurance industry. Owl.co consciously excludes data points related to age, gender, race, and other potential sources of bias, ensuring that claims decisions are confident, efficient, and free from discriminatory impact.
As we look ahead, Owl.co is expanding its services into workers comp, life, casualty, staff legal, and bodily injuries. This strategic expansion positions us as a comprehensive solution provider in the insurance technology sphere, poised for continued success and industry leadership. With our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and a customer-centric approach, we are reshaping the digital capabilities of the insurance industry.
We are proud to be recognized for our innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships, and dedication to equity. As we continue to expand our services and drive positive change, we look forward to shaping the future of insurance technology and claims management.
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