Bodily Injury
Guide adjusters to informed compensability decisions across states and within policy limits. Uncover actionable insights for streamlined claim processing, ensuring happy claimants and team-wide efficiency.
Highlight Business Values
Automate FNOL Triage
Automatically extract data in FNOL forms, identify key risks, and flag complex claims for faster compensability decision.
Improve Customer Support helps claim adjusters readily support incoming claimant inquiries by creating an up-to-date claim timeline, summary, and live search for the entire claim file.
Decode Claims Complexities
Adjusters managing claims can benefit from the platform’s insights to understand the nuances of a claim, and make informed decisions on claim next best action.
Enhance Decision Consistency
Through its data gathering and in-depth analysis, can provide insights into the decisions adjusters are making on individual claims, and identify patterns that may require additional coaching or support from management teams.
Speed up Claim Reviews
Our advanced technology significantly reduces time spent on reviewing and summarizing claim documents, offering fast, precise analysis and organization for unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in every document review process.
Accelerate Claim Resolution
Our system quickly identifies and presents key details for faster, informed decision-making, leading to more efficient, effective claim resolutions, benefiting both insurers and claimants with expedited claim closure.
Highlight Features
360 Claimant View
Holistic claimant view across all relevant documents (medical, policy, etc.) augmented with Owl 3rd party data.
Actionable Insights
AI-generated insights around internal or external findings across the claimant file
Interactive Search
LLM-powered claim question & answer and dynamic search through claim source documents
Claim Prioritization
Prioritization derived from insights by executing rules and severity of findings