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Leading-edge technology to uncover unbiased insights at scale for faster, better insurance decisions.

Unlock Untapped Data To Better Understand Risks

Reviewing a claim involves gathering info from the claimants, their medical doctor, and also conducting desk research to find publicly available information. Relevant and timely claimant information is important, but manually searching through thousands of public sources is unrealistic. Plus, unintended bias in the investigation process can put reputations and outcomes at risk.

Owl’s intelligent platform quickly finds the most relevant external evidence by leveraging our unique, compliant network combined with machine learning to provide the most accurate, actionable insights for your business.

Owl By the Numbers




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Existing Solutions*


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* based on our current client feedback

Prioritize the Right Claim at the Right Time

Streamline claims decisions with Owl’s unparalleled evidence so your team focuses on what matters most


Import Claimant Records to Owl Platform

With a click of a button, share minimal information such as name, birth date, state, etc. and we do the rest.


Run the Owl Solution

Our intelligent platform taps into our rapidly growing data network to collect the most accurate and relevant evidence such as proof of income, criminal records, etc.


Deliver Prioritized, Actionable Findings

Using machine learning, our platform provides all data findings with a ranking of the top 10% of claim records based on dynamic feedback and industry benchmarks.


Unlock Valuable Insights for Enhanced Performance

Our dashboard features helpful metrics and insights for clients to optimize team resources and efficiencies.

Maximize Your Claims Operation with Owl

Optimize your team efficiency and streamline costs for better performance

Perform Better

Drive better claim outcomes and reduce your claim costs by freeing up reserves and targeting resources.

Staff Better

Scale your team's coverage of your claim blocks, including ones not actively managed, and increase productivity by focusing on the highest-priority claims.

Train Better

Leverage team and industry benchmark insights to improve claim handling and reinforce best practices.

The Owl Difference


Data assessment can be done using thousands of public sources more efficiently.


The evidence is based on the most current, accurate, and unbiased information available.

Constant Learning

Claims processes become more consistent and efficient as the Owl platform learns what’s most useful for your business.

Plug and Play

No integration. Go live within days, with minimal data requirements and no disruption to your teams or systems.