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We're thrilled to be featured in Forbes for our pioneering AI work in the insurance industry. Our platform leverages AI to enhance fairness and efficiency in claims management, transforming traditional processes with a wealth of data for better decision-making.

2023-11-03Owl NewsSohrab Merat
Exploring Innovative AI Applications In The Insurance Industry
At, we're reshaping the insurance landscape with the cutting-edge use of artificial intelligence and Big Data, as recently spotlighted in Forbes. Our CEO, Sean Merat, discusses our drive towards creating a system that not only streamlines the process but also instills a sense of equity, eliminating biases that have long plagued the industry.
Our approach is unique: we enrich the traditional trio of claimant data, employer records, and medical information with an extensive array of public records. This fusion of data sources allows us to deliver evidence-based insights, empowering insurers to prioritize and expedite high-value claims.
As we unveil Owl Nest, our rapidly growing claimant network, we also celebrate our commitment to privacy—a core value that has garnered trust and partnership from top insurers across North America. Our journey reflects a broader trend in the industry towards leveraging AI for more transparent, efficient, and fair insurance practices.
For a comprehensive understanding of our impact and vision for the future of insurance, we invite you to read the full article on Forbes. Join us as we continue to innovate and lead the industry towards a more equitable future.