Owl Partners with Munich Re.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Munich Re to deliver the highest quality data insight to our insurance clients.

2023-04-27Owl News
We are thrilled to announce a special collaboration with Munich Re, the largest Re Insurance Company to help insurance companies make quicker and more accurate claim decisions.
In today's world, claim organizations often face difficulties in obtaining a complete understanding of the risks associated with claimants. They rely heavily on medical data and self-reported claimant activities, which offer only limited insights into the claimant's lifestyle. Through our partnership with Munich Re, we aim to provide claim organizations with seamless access to unbiased external claim data, enabling them to gain a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of their claimants' situations.

For the Forward-Thinking Companies

How well do you truly know your claimants? In today's digital age, individuals leave behind a trail of digital footprints through their daily activities. The proliferation of digital platforms that track various aspects of an individual's life, such as side jobs and recreational activities, presents an opportunity for insurance companies to develop more robust profiles of claimants. However, relying solely on data from traditional sources like medical providers, employers, and claimants themselves only offers a limited and narrow perspective. By neglecting data from additional digital resources, carriers may overlook critical information and warning signs while managing stable and long-term claims.

Unveiling new, impartial insights into claimants

Through our partnership with Munich Re, we combine their extensive network and expertise in disability claims with our technology, empowering our clients to manage claims more effectively and efficiently. The implementation of our solution is quick and seamless, with no disruption to existing claim teams. After the setup, insurers receive a prioritized overview of a claimant's digital footprint, and through machine learning, the system continuously improves claim insights based on carrier feedback.

Final Notes

As the insurance market evolves, carriers must embrace the digital landscape. Our collaboration with Munich Re. exemplifies the industry's readiness and commitment to leveraging innovative technologies to achieve new levels of success.