Owl Nest
Future of Insurance

Step into the future of insurance with Owl Nest, and join an exclusive league of top insurers across North America. Leverage AI-guidance on claims, harness industry best practices at your fingertips, and benchmark key metrics in real-time - all powered by AI that's constantly being improved as decisions are made across every claim from the entire network!

Fully Compliant

There is no sharing or contamination of PII, confidential, or proprietary data. The Owl Nest provides industry best practices and benchmarks and insights into improvements that can be achieved towards your team efficiency and effectiveness.
The insurers that partner with Owl.co become part of the Owl Nest and benefit from receiving the latest real-world insights and best practices to improve their offerings and operations in conjunction with their proprietary and historical data.


We Can Do So Little

Insurance claim teams are staffed by experienced industry veterans, with job tenures twice the national average. While this expertise is valuable, it can also lead to siloed processes, relying solely on in-house knowledge and historical data. However, there is a wealth of expertise beyond any single organization.


We Can Do So Much

For the past few years, Owl.co has partnered with leading insurers to streamline and standardize processes, decisions, data categorization & correlations, and workflows. This has resulted in the development of industry benchmarks, which are shared with Owl Nest participants to provide valuable insights into operational opportunities.

“We’re all in this together if we’re in it at all.”

- Johny Cash

Case Study

Get the full Case Study to see how a top 3 North American Carrier with more than $20B in revenues leveraged Owl Nest to:
Investigation cycle reduced
More reserves released
Net Income Increased