Supercharge Your
Claims Team

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  • Improve workflows
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Track industry benchmarks
  • reduce human biases

Monitor your Team
Drive Consistency

Effortlessly obtain vital and dynamic data that allows you to evaluate the efficacy of each team member and compare against our robust network benchmarks. By using, you keep your finger on the pulse of your team's activities, identifying strengths and opportunities with ease. Our insurance partners have achieved 2.5x higher consistency in their claims decisioning since implementing

75% of mistakes during the
claims life-cycle are made by
5% of the claims team.

Better & Faster Decision

Top insurers' claims teams rely on to gain the critical data and insights that facilitate fast and confident decision-making. employs advanced, optimized workflows for claims teams, saving valuable hours from countless, unnecessary forms, and allowing them to focus helping claimants. This positions every insurance enterprise as proactive and compassionate, with the power to transcend obstacles and give their customers the ultimate peace of mind.

Keep Biases Out tracks every decision on every claim, alerting you when a team member shows a pattern of making potentially wrongful determinations. These alerts allow for a quick review of questionable decisions submitted and offer an opportunity for better training and coaching.