Unleash the Power of Unexplored Data

Owl.co is one of the world's largest providers of compliant data along with AI-driven insights that mitigate time-consuming desk research and eliminates bias while processing claims. Owl's proprietary machine learning algorithms quickly surface at-risk claims with relevant external evidences, so you can have consistent and accurate insights for your claims.

Billions of
Data Sources

Every second of every day, critical data on your claimants is being recorded on publicly available data sources. With around 252,000 new websites and data sources created daily, it can be overwhelming to know where to look for this information and how to do it at scale.
This is the power of Owl.co - a continuously evolving platform that finds specific data points and provides crucial insights related to claims at scale and at the right time. With Owl.co, your team will be able to quickly and confidently take action on claims.

Our People Data


Person Records


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Phone Numbers

Our Company Data

Company Records


Unmatched Data Collection

Owl.co uses in-house data collection, AI models, Data Quality Analysts, researchers, trusted data partners and a network of user contributions to provide an accurate and detailed database of claimant information. This process incorporates all of these sources into a refined and comprehensive data set:
1. Data Aggregation
2. Data Partners
3. AI/ML Models
4. Data Quality Analysts
5. Community of Users
6. Data Scientists

We extract data from billions of publicly available data & documents.